Fingerprinting Services

*We are ceasing all civilian fingerprinting services until further notice.*

Digital Fingerprinting

Delta Police provides digital fingerprinting services for immigration , citizenship, visas, US waivers, foreign travel, security licensing, legal name change, record suspension (pardon) applications, Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) and other purposes. Fingerprinting services are available at both Delta Police Headquarters in Ladner and the Public Safety Building in North Delta.

Delta Police will submit the digital fingerprints to the RCMP in Ottawa in order to complete a fingerprint-based Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC). Depending on the reason for fingerprinting, you may receive the product in the mail or the results may be forwarded directly to a third party (for CRRP fingerprints, the results will go directly from the RCMP to the CRRP). Please note that once the fingerprints have been sent to the RCMP, Delta Police has no control over the RCMP’s processing time.

Visit the RCMP’s Civil Fingerprint Screening Services website for information regarding the processing status of your fingerprints, email: or call (613) 998-6362.

Ink & Roll Fingerprinting

Ink & Roll fingerprinting service is also available for other purposes, as required. An appointment is required for ink & roll fingerprinting. Please call 604-946-4411 to book appointment.

Fingerprinting Process

  1. It is recommended that you book an appointment for digital fingerprinting by calling 604-946-4411. You may walk in, but wait times may vary.
  2. Please read your documents carefully prior to attending our office so that you will know what you require from us, and for what reason.
  3. Bring in two valid pieces of government issued ID (one must have you photo).

Fingerprinting Fees

All applicants will be charged a fee for Fingerprinting Service. DPD accepts exact cash, debit, VISA, MasterCard and certified cheque or money orders payable to “City of Delta” for payment. The fingerprinting fee schedule is as follows:

**Depending on your reason for sending the fingerprints to Ottawa RCMP, there may be an additional $25 processing fee payable to the RCMP. We will collect this fee on the RCMP’s behalf. Please contact Delta Police at 604-946-4411 for further questions.