Victim Services

Victim Services is an operational section of the Delta Police Department which specializes in supporting victims of crime and trauma. The program operates on the philosophy that the immediacy and nature of assistance that a victim receives following an incident can have a significant impact on their resulting wellness. It is the goal of the program, its staff, and volunteers to provide timely, relevant and supportive assistance.

Referrals to Victim Services are typically made by the investigating officer. Victim Services staff and volunteers assist victims by providing information, support, and referrals. This service provides a 24 hour crisis intervention service, 365 days a year.

Victim Services provides services and information to the public in alignment with the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights (Canadian Victims Bill of Rights) Our Services include: emotional support, information on the police investigation, information on charges and court, court orientation/accompaniment, information on restitution, assistance applying for the Crime Victim Assistance Program, assistance completing Victim Impact Statements and information on the psychosocial affects of crime and trauma.

Delta Victim Services is also home to Caber, the first Accredited Facility Dog in Victim Services in Canada, you can learn more about Caber here; Accredited Facility Dog – Caber

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