Accredited Facility Dog – Caber

Caber was Canada’s first Victim Services Accredited Facility Dog, joining Delta Police in July 2010. Caber is a yellow Labrador retriever, generously provided by the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS).

PADS bred, raised and trained Caber and provided him to Delta Police at no cost. PADS is accredited through Assistance Dogs International (ADI), which adheres to the highest caliber of training standards available.

Caber was trained for 2.5 years for his role as a Facility Dog, and was chosen for his calm and stable temperament. Caber and other Victim Services Dogs help people by:

  • reducing their blood pressure
  • lowering their heart rate,
  • providing cathartic and healing touch,
  • increasing oxytocin levels which helps people feel comforted and also reduces the negative effects of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Caber has many jobs at Delta Police Victim Services, including:

– Providing support during crisis call-outs, for people who have experienced major trauma.
– Sitting on forensic interviews, typically in child sexual assault cases.
– Attending routine meetings with clients to provide canine care.
– Providing support for witnesses to have to attend court. He can attend all pre-trial interviews and even sit with vulnerable witnesses when they testify in court.

Caber was the first Facility Dog in British Columbia to provide support to a witness in court.

Caber’s handler is Program Coordinator Kim Gramlich. He lives with Kim and her husband and comes to work with her each day. Caber and Kim have provided support beyond Delta, responding to the Fort McMurray Wildfire in 2016. Most recently they worked alongside the Office for Victims Assistance at the FBI in responding to the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas.

Kim and Caber have presented internationally on the remarkable role of Victim Services Facility Dogs including presentations to Justice Canada, the National organization for Victims Assistance in the US, the FBI’s Office for Victims Assistance and at countless universities and conferences in Canada and the US.

At home in Delta, Caber has responded to almost every type of incident imaginable. Notably, he played an important role in response to the Laura Szendrei homicide. Caber has lifted the spirits and brought smiles to faces of countless victims of crime and trauma in Delta.

For more information about Caber please contact Kim Gramlich at 604.940.5007 or at

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