Recruit Training / Police Academy

As a Delta Police recruit, you will undergo intensive and demanding training to ensure you are properly prepared for the challenges you will face as a police officer. Delta Police recruits train at the Justice Institute of B.C. / Police Academy (JIBC) located in New Westminster. Recruits are full employees of the DPD during training and receive salary and benefits. While training at the police academy, recruits receive Probationary Constable wages of $70,977 annually.

The program tuition fee for the Police Academy is $11,575 and the recruit is responsible for paying this. The JIBC is an accredited post-secondary institution and your tuition is tax deductible.

Police Recruit Training is separated into three ‘blocks’ of training.

  • Block one (13 weeks): Basic recruit training conducted at the JIBC with an emphasis on police skills, legal studies, and physical fitness.
  • Block two (18-22 weeks): Recruits return to their home department and work under the direction of an experienced Field Training Officer.
  • Block three (8 weeks): Recruits return to the JIBC for advanced recruit training and their graduation ceremony.

Training and Development

After graduating from the police academy, you will continue to have many opportunities to develop your skills as a police officer through courses offered by the JIBC and through the DPD in-house training.