Selection Process

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The selection process can take from 4 to 10 months depending on your competitiveness, preparation, and level of performance during the process.

Honesty and integrity are vital components of the selection process. The information you provide, orally and in writing will be closely scrutinized. Dishonesty or non-disclosure can result in your permanent removal from our hiring process.

Once you have established that you have met the basic requirements and are ready to apply, please be ready to fully commit to the process by being ready to participate fully in all stages of the selection process.

1. Register for the Intake Exam

If all the basic requirements are met, the candidate may register online.

2. Written Intake Exam

If you are found to be a competitive candidate, you will be invited to the next intake exam (held at least every two months).

The Delta Police Department Intake Exam assesses practical skill sets that police officers use on a regular basis while performing their duties. The ETHOS exam has a three-hour time limit, and most applicants use the allotted time to complete the exam. Although a score of 60% (60/100) is required as a pass, candidates who score at least the average of the exam (typically 70%) will be viewed as more competitive. Applicants who fail to pass the ETHOS exam must wait 6 months to request a second opportunity to write the exam. Each request will be considered on an individual basis. The modules assess the following four areas:

      • Memory and observation skills (20 marks)
      • Reading, comprehension and critical thinking skills (25 marks)
      • Summarizing skills (10 marks)
      • Writing and editing skills (45 marks)

Once the exam is marked, applicants can check their exam score on our site under Intake Exam Results. Below is a link to a sample exam.

Delta Police Exam Sample Questions

3. Peace Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT)

Generally, you will be sent for a POPAT within two weeks of the written exam.

POPAT details

4. Complete forms

If the candidate passes the intake exam he/she may complete an application form and integrity questionnaire. We request forms be submitted to us no more than 30 days past the date of the written exam. The forms will be carefully reviewed by the Recruiting Section before moving on to the next stage of the process.

5. Suitability Interview

Intake interview with a recruiter

6. DPD Ride-a-long

7. Peer Panel Interview

This interview will be conducted by several members of the Department and will focus on the applicant’s life experience, resilience, and the skillset to perform the duties of a police officer.

8. Psychological Examination

Applicants will complete written and on-line testing and then meet with the Department’s psychologist for a one on one interview.

9. Medical Examination

The applicant will undergo an extensive medical examination by the Department’s physician at the Department’s expense.

10. Polygraph Examination

The applicant will participate in an employment interview conducted with a certified polygraphist.

11. Background Check

A Recruiting Section member will conduct a thorough investigation into your background.

12. Administration Interview

Final interview with members of the Delta Police Department’s Senior Management team.

»Before contacting the Recruiting Section with any inquiries, please read our Recruiting FAQ.