Criminal Investigations


Investigations Branch

The mandate of the Investigations Branch is to investigate a wide range of criminal offences; from homicide to sexual assaults; to drugs and fraud; and to reduce the impact of crime on the citizens of Delta by utilizing enforcement, professional development, and education.

The Criminal Investigations Branch is made up of a number of units specializing in different types of investigation.


This section’s primary function is to investigate drug trafficking. However, this section also provides education and awareness to the public on the signs of drug use. The goal is to deploy resources in an effort to make Delta a drug free community.

Economic and Technical Crime

The Economic and Technical Crime section investigates larger financial and technically complex crimes including corporate investigations which are often resource intensive. In addition, the Fraud section provides educational resources through the Fraud Awareness program in the community.

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Sexual Offences

The Sexual Offences Section is responsible for enforcement, forensic interviewing, and investigations of all aspects of sexual assaults.



The Forensic Identification Section (FIS) is responsible for carrying out a wide variety of forensic tasks to assist in the collection and analysis of evidence. Some duties include photographing crime scenes, collecting fingerprint evidence, collecting DNA evidence, forensic video analysis, advanced digital graphics, composite art, skull reconstruction, and expert testimony in court.

Major Crime

The Major Crimes Section (MCS) is responsible for conducting more complex investigations including homicides and other significant crimes against persons. MCS is also responsible for investigating suspicious deaths, missing persons, and motor vehicle incidents involving death or life threatening injury.

Street Crime

The primary function of the Street Crimes Unit is to investigate property crime occurring in the City of Delta.


The Intelligence Management Section attempts to forecast crime and disorder by collecting, evaluating, analyzing, and disseminating accurate and timely intelligence on individuals and groups who are known to, or suspected to, be involved in criminal activities in the City of Delta. The Intelligence Management Section also produces regular crime reports to give the community an overview of what is happening in Delta.