Professional Standards Section

The Professional Standards Section (PSS) investigates allegations of misconduct by members of the Delta Police Department and resolves matters of concern by members of the public.

The PSS team is overseen by A/Inspector Heath Newton and falls under the supervision of Chief Constable Dubord. PSS investigators are senior members of the Delta Police Department and have significant experience in all areas of policing.

The mandate of PSS is to preserve the integrity of the Delta Police Department by ensuring the conduct of Delta Police Officers is held to a high standard of professionalism and excellence.

PSS investigators respond to public complaints and other concerns regarding the actions of Delta Police Officers. The objective of PSS is to resolve complaints as fairly and thoroughly as possible within the requirements of the Police Act.

All matters investigated by PSS and questions or concerns that may be resolved without an investigation are overseen by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner. The Delta Police Department fully supports the role of the OPCC and their oversight.


The members of the Delta Police Department are committed and dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of Delta. They are committed to upholding our core values of Honour, Integrity, Courage and Trust.

If you have had a positive experience with a member of the Delta Police Department or have recently observed a member of the Delta Police Department who you feel is worthy of a compliment, we would like to hear from you. We are extremely proud of our members and your comments are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make a compliment/comment, please e-mail us.


Question or Concern

Your information given to PSS may form the basis for a question or concern and may not require a formal investigation. PSS investigators will do our best to ensure your question is answered or your concern is addressed.

Your question or concern may be resolved once your question has been answered and/or your concern is addressed. Often providing answers to questions or addressing concerns usually resolves the matter.

All questions and concerns are brought to the attention of the OPCC and all resolutions are subject to their approval.


There may be situations where the information brought to the attention of PSS, could, if proven, be misconduct on the part of a Delta Police Officer. In this circumstance PSS will facilitate a ‘Complaint Form’ being completed on your behalf and your information will be brought to the attention of the OPCC.

The OPCC will make a decision on whether your complaint is made admissible, or whether or not to order an investigation. If your complaint has been made admissible or an investigation has been ordered, the matter may conclude in one of several ways:

  1. Complaint Resolution -for example, a mutual letter between the complainant and the member each stating their concerns about an incident.
  2. Mediation – a face-to-face meeting between the complaint and the officer. These meetings can be very beneficial for both the complainant and the officer whereby each hears the perspectives of the other. If both the complainant and officer are satisfied after the mediation, a resolution document may be signed and forwarded to the OPCC for approval.
  3. Withdrawal of a Complaint – At times a complainant after being given information may choose to withdraw their complaint. This would be subject to approval by the OPCC.
  4. Discontinuance – It may be the case after some investigation that it may be deemed no longer necessary to continue with an investigation and a ‘discontinuance’ may be requested by PSS. All ‘discontinuances’ are subject to approval by the OPCC.
  5. Complete Investigation- a thorough investigation will be completed by an investigator and a Final Investigation Report (FIR) will be submitted to the OPCC and the Discipline Authority. The FIR usually concludes in one of two ways, the allegation or allegations appear to be substantiated, or they do not appear to be substantiated. All decisions are subject to approval by the OPCC. For process regarding after the FIR, please visit the OPCC website. For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.
  6. To learn more about how to file a complaint, click here.