Community Watch Program (CWP)

Help contribute to public safety in Delta, by signing up for a video camera registry.


When investigating a crime or public safety incident, police officers commonly canvass the area for potential video surveillance. Oftentimes officers need to urgently gather this information.

Security camera video footage can be key to identifying suspects, missing persons, potential witnesses or linking together other information.

‘Crowdsourcing’ information has grown over the years, as technology continues to evolve. Major events, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, were solved much faster as a result of many citizens submitting video recordings to police.

Types of Crimes

Video footage can be helpful when investigating:

  • a series of thefts from vehicles
  • a break-in to a home
  • a missing person
  • serious crime

Why help?

Delta is an amazing community and its citizens are actively involved in keeping this the safest city in Metro Vancouver.

The Community Watch Program is an effective and easy way for citizens to get involved and assist the DPD in keeping our community safe.

What is involved in participating in the DPD Community Watch Program?

To start, simply fill out an online form at the following link.

If an investigation in or around your neighbourhood or area of business occurs, an investigating officer may contact you and request video from you.

Online Form


Yes! You can have your information removed from the database at any time. Just login to the Community Watch program website and delete the location(s) that you wish to un-register.

No. Signing up for the Community Watch Program only allows the Delta Police Department to identify which camera owners have registered their CCTV camera location(s). By being part of the database, please be aware that Delta Police may contact you, using the contact information you provided, to request access to review recorded video footage.

As long as the camera records video footage that can be retrieved and replayed, then the cameras are appropriate to register.

No, the registry only for cameras that actually record video footage that can be retrieved and replayed.

No, the registry of camera locations is confidential, and is managed by the Delta Police. The database access will be limited to Delta Police Department officers and employees, as the need arises. (Eg. IT employees, analysts.)

You will only be contacted if Delta Police believes your recorded footage may be relevant to an investigation.

If an incident happens in your area and you are contacted by police, you can still choose whether or not you want to allow them to review your camera footage. Registering as part of the Community Watch Program does not mean you have to give police access to you recordings.