Any person or persons (a delegation), not being a Member or employee of the Board, wishing to address the Delta Police Board shall make a written request to the Board ( with the following information, at least ten(10) days in advance of the Board meeting date:

    • 1. Name(s) of individual(s) addressing the Board
    • 2. Contact information (phone numbers, email, address) of the individual(s)
    • 3. Date of Board meeting
    • 4. Topic

To ensure meaningful and effective use of the Delegation time, the following criteria shall apply to ascertain appropriate speaking topics. The topic should:

    1. 1. Relates to Delta police services or policies.
    1. 2. Affects a segment of the community, as opposed to a single individual.
    1. 3. Relates to a strategy of policing, as opposed to a single action by one or more officers.
    1. 4. Relates to the Board’s oversight mandate, as opposed to day-to-day police operations.
    1. 5. Not be a substantial repeat of information presented by the delegate to the Board within the past 6 months.

Delegations will be limited to five minutes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the time allotted for any Delegation may be extended at the discretion of the Board Chair.

The Board Chair in consultation with the Chief Constable shall determine if the request is within the mandate and scope of the Police Board as described in the Police Act, and in accordance with above topic criteria. If the request meets the criteria, the Board Chair will have the Board Secretary place the Delegation on the agenda, inform the Delegation of approval and logistics for the meeting, via e-mail.

The request will be distributed to the Police Board and also filed with Board Secretary for distribution with the meeting agenda.

Board members shall not enter into debate with the delegation upon the completion of their presentation. Members should only ask questions for clarification and obtaining additional, relevant information.

No delegation shall:

    1. 1. Speak disrespectfully of any person;
    1. 2. Use offensive words or un-parliamentary language;
    1. 3. Speak on any subject other than the subject for which they have received approval to address the Board; or
    1. 4. Disobey the rules of procedures or a decision of the Chair.

The Chair may curtail any delegation, any questions of a delegation or debate during a delegation for disorder or any other breach of this policy and, where the Chair rules that the delegation is concluded, the delegation shall immediately withdraw.


• The Board has no jurisdiction to hear complaints about the conduct of individual officers or about matters which are within the jurisdiction of the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.
• The Board may limit the number of Delegations appearing at any given meeting if the allotted agenda time does not allow for all requests to be accommodated.
• A delegation may not address the Board more than twice in a calendar year (or within 6 months) without prior approval of the Board.