There are approximately 70 officers working patrol in Delta. They are the front line, the first responders to the public’s calls for service. It is the uniformed patrol officers that provide the visible policing presence on Delta streets, focusing resources to address the problems that present the greatest risk to the community.


The uniformed patrol officers are the largest section of officers in the Department, and are divided based on our area ownership model. District One – Tsawwassen, District Two – Ladner, District Three and Four – North Delta. These four districts are then further broken down into zones and patrol officers are assigned to a specific zone. All Patrol officers respond to calls wherever they occur, however, the zone officer connects with the community and addresses concerns that may be present in their assigned zone. These officers work a four days on four days off, twelve hour shift rotation.

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Additional Resources

To assist the front line patrol officers, the Patrol Support Team is a group of uniformed officers that does not follow the typical shift pattern of standard patrol officers. Rather, this Team augments resources during peak periods, allowing for increased community policing and targeted enforcement.

The Tsawwassen First Nation Service Team (TFNST) is another uniformed team that supplements patrol. The TFNST consists of a group of dedicated officers who work solely on the Tsawwassen First Nation. The working relationship between the Delta Police and Tswawwassen First Nation (TFN) is considered a “best practices” model across Canada given that the DPD service model is designed to be culturally respectful and meet the ever expanding needs of the TFN.

The vision for the implementation of this team is to integrate one sergeant and four constables with the existing TFN liaison officer. This team will serve as an enhancement to the full police resources and services currently available to the TFN.

As of November 2017 Sgt Garnham assumed his responsibility as the TFN Service Team leader and will work to establish the new team and build connections and relationships within the community. The TFN Service Team’s facility is located at 1917 Tsawwassen Drive N.