School Liaison

The School Liaison Program is designed to build a strong relationship between police and youth to influence them in becoming responsible members of the community. The School Liaison Officers (SLOs) serve the 18,000 youth in 36 schools in the Delta school community.

Our five SLOs work in partnership with the school administrators and outside agencies, including ICBC, Parent Advisory Committees (PAC), and Delta Youth Services to provide presentations to youth and their parents. By maintaining a balance of education and enforcement initiatives, the SLOs continue to provide Delta students with a safe learning environment and the tools for success in life.

To support our SLOs and to increase community engagement, each Elementary School in Delta has an assigned patrol officer. This patrol officer is responsible for assisting SLOs in presentations at the school, traffic enforcement during pickup and drop-off, and providing an extra officer for our young people to engage with.

In addition to the frequent community outreach programs offered by our SLOs, initiatives such as the High School Golf Tournament and the Delta Student Police Academy are held annually for youth in an effort to foster stronger connections and relationships between police and youth.

School Procedures

School Liaison officer Cst. Mike Atkinson talks about the process police follow when investigating potential threats in or around schools.

Youth Liaison Officer

The Youth Liaison Officer (YLO) position is an initiative of Delta Police, giving youth at risk the opportunity to get their lives back on track.

The YLO brings youth, their families, teachers and police together to work out a support strategy for the youth at risk.

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