The Delta Police Traffic Section is comprised of three components; enforcement officers, collision analysts, and commercial vehicle inspectors. Leading edge technology such as the Automated Licence Plate Reader and Laser equipment are among the tools used by our Traffic officers in their duties. Through education, enforcement, and engineering the traffic section is committed to keeping the roads in Delta safe for everyone.

Our goal is to partner with our stakeholders and implement strategies that will eliminate fatal collisions and reduce injury motor vehicle incidents on our roads.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit

This component of the Traffic Section was created in October 1996. It is staffed by two officers who are both qualified vehicle inspectors under the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) international standards.

The Delta Police Department works with other law enforcement agencies and provincial vehicle inspectors carrying out a variety of joint-forces operations conducting vehicle inspections throughout the municipality. This section has a multifaceted purpose:

  • To enhance the safety of the motoring public
  • Hold accountable those who are in violation of safe operating standards
  • Educate the drivers as to their level of responsibility and accountability in operating their vehicles within this and other municipalities.
  • Reduce damage to Delta highway infrastructure by ensuring commercial vehicles operate within legal load limits
  • Ensure and improve the safe operation and equipping of commercial vehicles operating within Delta
  • Ensure commercial vehicle drivers comply with provisions within Motor Vehicle Act and its regulations, the Commercial Transport Act and Delta Bylaw 4900

Collision Investigation Unit

The Collision Investigation Unit is responsible for the investigation of all fatal and serious injury motor vehicle collisions that occur within the City of Delta. The collision analysts are highly trained to examine vehicles for damage and to interpret evidence found at the scene of collisions to identify contributing factors. Their technical expertise and training in subjects such as heavy commercial vehicles, pedestrian and motorcycle collisions, photography, forensic mapping and AutoCAD drafting allow them to accurately re-create collision scenes as they existed and to prepare technical reports explaining contributing factors in collisions. The analysts are continually upgrading their skills to keep current with advances in new technologies (such as the downloading of information contained in vehicle sensors) that assist them with their investigations. The analysts are considered to be expert witnesses in court.

What can you do?

– Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. You can all be part of the solution by doing the following:
– Don’t be distracted
– Don’t drink or be under the influence of drugs and drive
Learn more about the consequences of drug impaired driving
– Be responsible
– Be committed to road safety