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September 9, 2020

Drivers asked to do part during COVID-altered school start

The start of school this year looks a bit different, and Delta Police want to remind drivers that they’re going to need to be extra cautious when driving through school zones for the first few weeks.

Police will start enforcement in school zones on September 10, and will have an enhanced presence in school zones the remainder of the school year.

“A number of schools have staggered starts and schedules due to COVID-19, which means that children and youth may be walking and biking to schools at different times,” explains Inspector Ryan Hall, head of the Delta Police Community Support Section. “Additionally, we know that COVID has created new stresses for children and parents. And that means drivers really need to do their part, to be aware and slow down whenever they are in or nearing a school zone.”

Parents who drop off children should be aware of potential distractions, and are reminded of the importance of keeping their focus on the road. “In these first weeks as children adjust to the new schedule they’re going to have a lot on their minds,” says Insp. Hall. “Drivers need to pay full attention to the roads, and to their speeds.”

Delta Police will have an overt presence at various schools and various times during the first few weeks, with Traffic, Patrol and School Liaison Officers all taking part in enforcement efforts. In subsequent weeks please keep in mind that our Traffic unit officers often drive unmarked vehicles, and they will continue to keep a close eye on speeds and distracted drivers in school zones.