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August 23, 2020

File 20-19397

Update – Missing woman Tamara SYDLO has been found and is safe

Late August 22, 2020 DPD issued a news release and posted on social media about a missing 83-year-old woman.
Several great tips came in from the community, allowing officers to conduct a focused grid search in the area she was last seen.
Officers located her, and kept her warm with jackets and a thermal blanket until Emergency Health Services arrived. After she was warmed up, and had a medical check she was sent back home with family.
“There was an amazing response from the community! Dozens of people were out on foot, bikes and in vehicles helping to look for Tamara,” says Chief Neil Dubord. “Also, as a direct result we received tips from two different people advising they had seen someone matching the description walking around their block 2-3 times earlier in the evening. Delta Police focused in this area and ended up locating Tamara in an obscure area that otherwise would likely have been overlooked. Thank you to everyone for your help.”