Project Description

June 12, 2020

Statement to the community – addressing questions about policing

Jointly issued by the Delta Police Board and Delta Police Department

The Delta Police Department has a strong history of community engagement and service, and is proud of its “no call too small” approach to policing.

Having a good relationship with the community is extremely important to the DPD, as policing must be built on a foundation of trust. We recognize that police across Canada are currently the subject of meaningful discussion about racism and use of force, particularly against visible minorities. We feel it is important to issue a joint statement in regard to these issues and to acknowledge the tragedy of George Floyd’s death. It was unacceptable, and made further so when the other officers took no actions to prevent his death.

Canadians also struggle with issues of racism and tolerance, and Delta is not immune. We understand there may be some in the community who have difficulty trusting the police, however work to make meaningful changes is continuing.

The Delta Police Department is built on a set of core values – honour, integrity, courage and trust. Officers hold themselves accountable to those values, but also rely on oversight from other bodies, such as the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner and the Independent Investigations Office, to help police maintain the trust of the community.

At moments like this, there is an opportunity for reflection and to learn from tragedy.  Police officers must constantly improve and be part of the solution. The Delta Police Department is committed to doing all it can, through the initiatives described above and more, to keep, or earn the community’s trust.

Those interested in learning more are invited to view the open session of the Police Board Meeting, upcoming June 30, with links advertised on the DPD Facebook channel.  The public may also send in questions in advance to the board via Time is allotted at each board meeting for questions from the public. The full package for regular board meetings is also posted a few days in advance of these meetings at