Reserve Intake Exam Registration

If you meet the requirements, and have not written a Delta Police intake exam in the past six months, we welcome your application to write the next scheduled intake exam for reserves. This exam will take place in September.

Upcoming date(s) for intake exam(s):

Administration Building, 4450 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta BC (map)

Interested applicants please upload your resume and cover letter by clicking “Register Online Now”.

The ETHOS exam has a three-hour time limit, and most applicants use the allotted time to complete the exam. A score of 60% (60/100) is required to pass, but we would typically like to see a much higher score than 60%. Applicants who fail to pass the ETHOS exam must wait 6 months and then re-register for a second opportunity to write the exam. Each request will be considered on an individual basis. The modules assess the following four areas:

      • Memory and observation skills (20 marks)
      • Reading, Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills (25 marks)
      • Summarizing skills (10 marks)
      • Writing and editing skills (45 marks)

Delta Police Exam Sample Questions