Services for Seniors

Our Vulnerable Sector team conducts follow-ups with members of the senior community who have come in contact with police. The goal is to offer support to seniors and their families who are experiencing issues such as targeted elder fraud, elder abuse, and chronic wandering. Our team works with the Geriatric Team at Delta Mental Health to provide accessible resources.

Elder abuse can take a variety of forms, but whether it is financial abuse, physical abuse, or psychological abuse, our Vulnerable Sector team works with seniors in the community and connects them with local community partners to ensure long-term solutions are created.

This is Abuse

Hitting, kicking, slapping, pushing, burning, or any other type of force that can cause injury

Unwanted sexual contact

Harming emotional well-being, including name-calling, scaring

Failing to meet basic necessities like shelter, clothing, food, medical care

Leaving an elder alone for long periods of time or neglecting care